Lactation Consulting

Lactation Consulting

Amy Wells, PA IBCLC and Brittany Payne, ARNP, provide lactation services for our new mothers. While Lactation Consultants often visit new mothers in the hospital, we provide an additional level of care through our practice. We encourage new mothers who may be experiencing issues with nursing such as latching, nipple soreness, and milk production, or have concerns regarding their child’s nursing/feeding to contact us immediately.

After an initial assessment, we will conduct a pre and post feeding analysis, observe a feeding, and provide instruction for problems that may arise. Weekly follow-up is recommended to record the baby’s weight.

Providing Lactation Consulting within our practice, promises a continuity of care through the child’s developmental years. In addition, lactation consulting is often covered by insurance through our practice, but may not be covered by independent lactation consultants. Such appointments can cost up $150/hour if not covered by insurance.

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